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Briefing With Special Envoy Lea Gabrielle, Global Engagement Center Update on PRC Efforts to Push Disinformation and Propaganda around COVID

MAY 8, 2020 MS ORTAGUS:  Thank you very much.  Good morning, everyone.  Thank you for joining us early on this on-the-record briefing, which is embargoed, please, until the end of the call.  This is an update on PRC efforts to push disinformation and propaganda around COVID-19.  The Secretary has said repeatedly that transparency, accountability, and information sharing are the best tools for stemming the tide of COVID-19’s global impact.  And yet we have identified a new network of inauthentic accounts on Twitter most likely designed to amplify PRC propaganda and disinformation related to the pandemic.  These inauthentic accounts ranging in...

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When China boasted having “the largest virus bank in Asia”!

Take a look at the largest virus bank in Asia Published on the website of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, CAS Date:04-06-2018 Recently, the National Health Commission of China officially designated the China Center for Virus Culture Collection (CCVCC) in Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) as a “National-Level Culture Collection Center”, which is an important milestone in the development of the Center’s innovative construction. The species and samples of pathogenic microorganisms are important strategic resources for ensuring national social security, economic security and biological safety. As a national-level culture collection center, the CCVCC will...

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Lettre du Porte-parole de l’Ambassade de Chine en France à la rédaction du Figaro au sujet du reportage sur le laboratoire P4 de Wuhan

Le 21 avril, Le Figaro a publié un article « Enquête : Comment le laboratoire P4 de Wuhan, exporté par la France, a échappé à tout contrôle » signé par Isabelle Lasserre. Certains propos dans l’article sont choquants. L’Ambassade de Chine en France tient à les remettre en cause. Elle a écrit dans l’article que : « Le 16 février dernier, des médias d’État chinois ont eux aussi rapporté des défaillances. Ils affirmaient notamment que des chercheurs jetaient les matériaux de laboratoire dans les égouts, après expérimentation et sans leur avoir fait subir le traitement spécifique destiné aux rejets...

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Asia Strategic Report: Corona Virus Pandemic and the Increase in Fake News

In what looks like a real Information Warfare, China, Iran and Pakistan are misusing Cyberspace to spread Covid-19 rlelated fake news, while censoring articles that could have destabilizing effects on their own societies.    On April 16, three French senators, Christian Cambon, Olivier Cadic and Rachel Mazuire, all members of the Senate Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defense and the Armed Forces  published a study (in French) tilted ” Disinformation, Cyber attacks and cyber surveillance: The other COVID-19 war” that recommends setting up a Cyber Reaction Force to fight “false news” and to counter the strategies adopted by certain foreign...

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