Author: Declan Hill

They are protesting the wrong war. The real story of July 4th, 1776 & slavery

They are protesting the wrong war. In this time of historical flux, when protestors pull down Confederate statues and the U.S. President Donald Trump speaks of ‘mob rule’. its time to tell the facts of the first, real, civil war of American history. The results of which are celebrated on this July 4th weekend. For, If we do not have a proper conversation about the war of 1776, the same myths that get in the way of present-day peace in America will be encouraged. The myth, celebrated in propaganda like Hamilton the musical, now a film, skips around the...

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Covid-19… Now for the Really Bad News

There are more – far more – viruses, like Covid-19 out there. That is the view from the scientific literature that – like many of the things during this crazy time – is really terrifying. One article tells of a group of dedicated Chinese researchers in the provinces around Wuhan discovering thousands of similar viruses. A few of these viruses are potentially as or more harmful to humans than the Covid-19. If unchecked, the researchers warn, it is, simply, a matter of time before some of these new viruses spread to the human population ( These viruses may not...

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